• Patricia Bentley

A special keepsake for a special little girl

Do you know what the picture below is? Yesterday I conducted a naming ceremony for a lovely little girl, and this is what she took home with her as a keepsake. Those involved in the ceremony added a layer of sand as they spoke their promises. Each colour represents somebody special in her life.

A naming ceremony is a special opportunity to welcome your new arrival in a unique and meaningful way. It can take place at home, or in just about any venue you choose. Yesterday's event was in a very appropriate village hall, surrounded by countryside, with plenty of space for young guests to enjoy the day

A baby naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to create a meaningful occasion for you and your child, expressed through the promises and readings you choose. I will help you to put this all together in a way that celebrates your child’s life.

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A naming jar for a very special little girl


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