• Patricia Bentley

When The King conducts your wedding

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Caught In a trap.  Well, when planning a wedding, it can feel that way.  Helpful hints from friends and family.  Traditional versus quirky.  But Elvis's song Caught in a Trap doesn't have to be the way you feel about your wedding plans. It's your day, have it your way. A lovely couple asked me to conduct their wedding. They had been married in Las Vegas - by Elvis of course. The celebrant dressed as The King, right down to his blue suede shoes, and with Elvis's drawl. Back home in the UK they wanted to celebrate with their friends and family. They gave me carte blanch to do whatever ceremony I felt was suitable.  What a gift! No wonder then that I re-wrote the vows so that I asked "Do you promise to love her tender, love her sweet.....". The bridegroom responded brilliantly with an Elvis aha, and then when it was the bride's turn, the guests, as one, joined in with the aha. Lighthearted, sincere, emotional, inclusive and fun.  The couple said that it couldn't have gone better.

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